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We Care For The Liver,
We Care For

Cell Signaling Technology for Liver Repair
& Organ Regeneration


Cellaïon is a Belgian biotech company developing Life saving
advanced therapies to repair tissues and regenerate the liver, Cellaïon targets life threatening diseases.


We at Cellaion want to restore a favorable environment to reboost the regenerative process, and ensure a second life to the native liver instead of loosing it.

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Lire la vidéo

What we do

We repair tissues and regenerate organs using cell signaling technology

Our first target is the liver space. The liver is the master organ of the body, and loss of its function causes failure of other vital organs and death.

Cellaïon aims to stop progression of chronic liver disease, control inflammation, stop fibrous tissue accumulation and eventually allow organ recovery and

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Clinical Trial / Publication

A phase II study of human allogeneic liver-derived progenitor cell therapy for acute-on-chronic liver failure and acute decompensation.

Published in April 2021 in JHEP Liver

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