We Care for the Liver,
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Cell Signaling Technology
for Liver Repair
& Organ Regeneration


Cellaïon is a Belgian biotechnology company developing life-saving advanced therapies that aim to repair tissues and regenerate organs, particularly the liver. Cellaïon targets life-threatening diseases.


We, at Cellaïon, are developing HepaStem® with an aim to restore the human body’s regenerative process and to support the survival of a failing native liver

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What we do

We aim to repair tissues and regenerate organs using cell signaling technology

Our prime target is the liver space. The liver is a critical organ of the body that is responsible for an array of functions. Any downfall of its functioning leads to failure of other vital organs and ultimately death.

With HepaStem®, Cellaïon aims to stop the progression of chronic liver disease, control inflammation, stop fibrous tissue accumulation in the liver and eventually allow recovery and regeneration of the liver.


Clinical Trial / Publication

A phase II study of human allogeneic liver-derived progenitor cell therapy for acute-on-chronic liver failure and acute decompensation.

Published in April 2021 in JHEP Liver

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